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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wa7id MRI wa7id cola ya m3allim!...Bsur3ah law sama7t!

I just had my very first MRI scan of my lower back area in an Alexandria clinic......I never knew it could take this fast and be this cheap!!.....It costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars and requires a long waitlist elsewhere.....but in Al-Saraya hosptial.....all u need is a paper from the spinal cord consultant and the next thing you know: ur laying on a rotating rectangular pad with a huge plate on top of it, listening to constant fart-like tunes for 40 minutes!

I'll go to pick up the results tonight at 11pm-2am inshallah........He refused to give me an appointment,,,,,,,you gotta love the Egyptians' flexibility when it comes to time!
Total cost of consultation and MRI scan: 60+350 = 410 Egyptian pounds = approx. 41 British pounds!
Total wait time: 30 minutes (which bought me time to go get some cash from the ATM!)


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