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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gay Omani Oil Wells

I couldn't help but notice the benign (mostly feminine) names of Omani oil regions. You'd have to understand Arabic to notice.

Oil Regions in Saud Arabiai: Haradh, Shedgum, Udhailiyah, Shaibah,Khufff, AbGAIG, Tanajeeb, Khrais, Barri, ZULUF, Ghawwar, Hawtah

Oil Regions in Oman: Amal, Al-Noor, Bahja, Reema, Osfoor, Rajaa, Zomorrod, Kaukab, Raihan, Naseem, Salwa, Zahra..........and many more......the list goes on

I guess it's because our regions were named by Bedouins whereas their regions were named by the government. Can you imagine a Bedouin calling a place Zomorrod? Well, maybe their badoo were gay.....Allahu A3lam....

Speaking of gayness,,,,,Omanis' reputation among expats is not of sexual Canadian manager told me about the "famous Omani saying": "women are for children and men are for fun"...........I gave him that "aiiiiiiiiish 3arrrafak?????!" look........

Another Omani saying:
اذا جاك مطوع صغير....ف شل وزارك وطير....
واذا جاك مطوع كبير....ف غطي فقحتك بحصير!!
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